17 Best Po’ Boys Restaurants in New Orleans | 2024 (Top Eats!)

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The Best Po' Boys Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans is prominently known for its delicious sandwich varieties that remain comically vast with several specialties. 

These sandwiches are available in every corner of New Orleans, be it from casual or fancy restaurants.

The classic po boys here are found in only some of the nicest restaurants in New Orleans, as other ones provide fusion ones. 

That’s why it becomes crucial to know which restaurant provides the original po boy, which dates back to the year 1929 in New Orleans. 

So, to help you discover delicious traditionally made po boys; we have made this list of some of the best Po boy restaurants in New Orleans.

Let’s check them out.

The Best Po’ Boys Restaurants in New Orleans This Year

1. Killer Po Boys

Why it’s a must visit?

The Killer Po Boys restaurant is the real deal when it comes to trying mouthwatering sandwiches with some of the most unique po boys in New Orleans.

This restaurant near me is a perfect place to try various varieties of po boy with impressive seasoning and dressings that will leave you wanting more.

It’s a perfect place to go if you like customizable options with your own preferred items.

Chef’s choice

Try out their specialty, which is the dark and stormy po boy, which comes with creamy aïoli and crispy lime slaw that gives it a rich and tangy flavor.

It comes with lightly toasted Doung Phuong bread with a tight crumb in the form of a traditional loaf with delicious punchy and meaty dressing.

They have several incredible non-veg options that any carnivore would love, like roast beef, French shrimp, and oyster po boys that are given on French bread and are the big three options here.

People also love trying various fins here like jelly po boys, pork belly, chorizo, and pecan butter po boys.

They also have several various healthy, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives like Thai BBQ tofu po boys, roasted sweet potato po boys, and other options.

This restaurant also has two different locations in which, one of which also has a bar serving specialty cocktails that go nicely with the meals.

If you ask for the dressed po boys, then you will get the option to add your own mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato as per your choice.

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2. Katie’s

Why it’s a must visit?

Katie’s restaurant is one of the most famous purple boys restaurants in New Orleans that provides traditionally rural Acadian dishes with the best meat options. 

It was introduced during the annual jazz fest some years back and since then has become one of the popular dining places to enjoy po boys in the mid-city of New Orleans.

It’s one of the most excellent restaurants near me that offer superior food options with quality bread and perfect seasonings.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is spearheaded by Scot Craig, who creates the most delicious options like cochon de lait, which is one of their most famous dishes here.

The dish comes with Chinese chunks of pork, which are tender and lightly toasted, buttered on Gendusa bread with light coleslaw.

It has a delicious taste as the pork feels pleasant braised in milk, and the title itself gives away the meaning of a suckling pig.

They serve quality bread options to sandwich over and have a soft interior with a golden crust. 

The faintly sweet, pillowy, and delicate texture of the bread makes it a mouth-melting option and is one of the best ones out there in New Orleans.

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3. Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House it’s a place where one is wondering where to you eat Vietnamese, especially food po for boys in exotic varieties.

This restaurant has got assimilated into the New Orleans cuisine culture for being one of the most delicious providers of po boys in the entire state.

The chef here uses his excellent skills by producing the most fabulous combinations of meat with bread.

The restaurant is also quite fancy looking as it has a contemporary space with a familiar atmosphere that gives one a fine dining experience.

Overall, one can say it serves one of the best po boys in NOLA without a doubt. 

Chef’s Choice

The most famous dish here is their Vietnamese Po boy, which somehow resembles the French Colonia sandwich in the form of a traditional po boy.

It contains the spirit of New Orleans and Vietnam with items like sriracha mayonnaise, a dynamic combination of Vietnamese ham, roasted sweet pork, pork liver patty, crusted pork meatballs, pickled carrots, soy sauce, jalapeños, cucumber, chili paste, butter aïoli, raw onions, and cilantro. 

It seamlessly provides a fusion of various spicy meat with sweet carrots and sliced jalapeños that gives it a heat and feels much better with its roasted pork, a red smoke ring with a peppery kind of spice.

It has a gyro-like tenderness and is locally made with ham and a crusted meatball that gives it a tender and smooth taste.

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4. Guy’s Po’Boys

Why it’s a must visit?

The Guy’s Po’ Boys restaurant is a small uptown shop that has a hand-painted sign and is a local favorite restaurant.

It is run by the owner Marvin Matherne who converses with the visitors from the open kitchen setting of the restaurant and loves showing his excellent craft in culinary creations. 

Because it is such a great restaurant, it remains crowded almost every time of the day but somehow is one of the must-eat places for original po boys in New Orleans.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is praised for its simplicity in creating the dishes like its sandwiches, which comes lightly seasoned with butter-cooked shrimp and a balanced amount of crispy dressing that feels top-notch.

In every bite, one can fill each ingredient in the sandwich which is why it is so exception.

The sandwich also uses Leidenheimer loaf, which makes it better than anything else.

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5. The Munch Factory

Why it’s a must visit?

The Munch Factory restaurant uses the recipe made by The Martins brother’s original creations and therefore is one of the most captivating restaurants in New Orleans.

As one of the cool places to eat po boys in New Orleans, this one serves typical debris style for boys in a messy way with several variations of gravy through a hybrid of many traditions.

But it’s crucial that you choose the options here carefully, as many of them might not appeal to the taste buds the first timers.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves po boys with delicious meat and gravy through 10 slices of beef with good seasoning.

The roast beef Po boy is one of the best at this restaurant as the meat here comes in small pieces and offers people a rich combination of mayonnaise and gravy.

It goes nicely with their lava-like sauce, and the bread is also peak soaking in tasty gravy like a sponge.

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6. Bevi Seafood Co.

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bevi Seafood Co. restaurant is a bright restaurant with a full bar serving basic local seafood dishes through the exceptional skills of chef and owner Justin Leblanc. 

The food near me at this restaurant mainly focuses on the culinary creations of its streamed chef, who uses several different techniques to create the tastiest po boys. 

It’s an overall casual restaurant and an old-school Metairie seafood market that serves not only delicious po boys but other excellent seafood selections.

Chef’s choice

The fried oyster Po boy here comes with a nice mix of sesame-filled bread with toasted and tender oysters.

It uses fresh Leidenheimer bread with delicious items like oysters, tomatoes, and lettuce that are fresh and vibrant, where the bread is nicely toasted with a crispy and golden layering.

It provides a raw, soft, and tender touch to the dish with fancy lettuce, a seeded toasted bun that may not be traditional but definitely is a must-try here.

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7. Bevi Seafood Co.

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bevi Seafood Co. restaurant is another impeccable seafood restaurant that provides excellent options that differ from other restaurants.

The restaurant is mainly known to be a peacemaker place as the most famous dish goes by the name of a peacemaker and has a practical meaning behind it.

Basically, if people share the peacemaker dish, then they would be able to solve misunderstandings and come to an agreeable solution.

One can say that it’s a place which is perfect for coming in large groups with your friends and having a good dining day out.

Chef’s choice

The peacemaker dish comes with a dynamic combination of Swiss cheese, scantily battered fried shrimp, and roasted beef gravy.

Even though this dish can be found in other restaurants, the Bevi Seafood Co. diner provides the tastiest dish with both cheese and bacon.

Both the shrimp and meat contrast with each other well and gives one a memorable dining experience.

It comes with generous amounts of meat and gravy, which is why it is also one of the best family restaurants to enjoy Po Boys in New Orleans.

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8. Parasol’s

Why it’s a must visit?

The Parasol’s Bar and Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans that has been providing delicious Po boys since the early 50s.

The Hogan is the one who is currently running this restaurant and has maintained the old Irish image of this restaurant by separating the dining area from the bar. 

It is a perfect location to try tempting po boys in New Orleans that are just out of the world.

Chef’s choice

One of their best dishes here is the soft shell crab for boys, which is a seasonal dish that comes with a juicy and sweet blue crab that is fried until it becomes golden crispy with a seasoning of corn flour breading.

It also comes served under paprika-based, smoky remoulade with pink mayonnaise.

It uses the classic shredded loaf and is made with butter and garlic with ripe, vibrant red tomatoes and fresh shredded lettuce.

It feels more luscious when it contains crab in it and is also large enough to completely satisfy you.

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9. The Parkway Bakery and Tavern

Why it’s a must visit?

The Parkway Bakery and Tavern restaurant has been operating for a decade and is located in the historic Parkway Bakery and Tavern in New Orleans. 

It’s one of the top restaurants that was started in 2003 on the property destroyed by Hurricane Katrina by completely renovating the restaurant. 

It’s nonetheless a great place to enjoy delicious sandwiches as well as recall its major history.

Chef’s choice

The reason why it’s one of the top-rated restaurants in New Orleans is because of its quality bread that is used to make po boys.

The fresh bread here, with an extensive menu of traditional po boys, makes it a pretty good sandwich provider.

Try their special fried shrimp Po boy that contains one of the best shrimp in town with a classic dressing and untoasted bread.

It’s one of their quintessential Po boys as it comes nicely seasoned and is fried till it turns crispy golden brown with delicious chunks of shrimp and generously layered Leidenheimer loaf. 

The bread here comes in a flaky and flattened form with a thick crust that provides good resistance in each bite and makes for a perfect meal.

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10. Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar is a restaurant that people love flocking to because of its unique bar charm with wooden furnishings and worn-out titles with black vinyl barstools. 

It also has a shop that has been operating for decades and has been owned by the famous Domalise family for more than 100 years.

This restaurant gained national fame because of the hit 2008 episode of no reservations.

It has been frequented by various famous personalities like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brad Pitt, and Anderson Cooper.

It still continues to be one of the 5-star restaurants for po boys in New Orleans that offers the finest food selections.

Chef’s choice

People love enjoying the various sandwiches here containing meatballs, roast beef, or seafood.

Their hotdogs and hamburgers are also good but are not the highlight of the menu.

They also have a bar where one can order a crisp beer with their po boys that come nicely filled with seafood like fried shrimp.

The dishes here are all so big enough for two people to share and can offer one a filling dining experience.

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11. Liuzza’s by the Track

Why it’s a must visit?

The Liuzza’s by the Track restaurant has a phenomenal location near the Fairgrounds Race Course in New Orleans and was discovered by many locals during the famous jazz fest. 

It’s a perfect place to jam to some good music while devouring po boys and have a good party no matter what event it is at birthdays or any other occasion.

At this restaurant, locals love to hang around all year round with several streaming shows of horse races, and it is a great place to enjoy bar food and engage in the NOLA culture. 

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is a perfect local spot to enjoy several bar food dishes, as well as a menu that is full of staple varieties, including salads, burgers, and a range of seafood.

Their signature dish is the BBQ shrimp Po boy, which is quite different from the varied menu and is a showstopper dish.

The dish comes with sautéed fresh shrimp inside a French bread pistolette that goes well with their tangy barbecue sauce that, makes for a completely delicious sandwich.

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12. Commander’s Palace

Why it’s a must visit?

The Commander’s Palace restaurant is a 5-star luxury restaurant in the French Quarter, New Orleans, that is also one of the most famous diners to ever exist.

This restaurant became a garden district icon and a prominent New Orleans culinary institution for being one of the top 10 restaurants.

It was started in 1880 and since then has won several awards for its incredible service and delicious po boys near me.

This restaurant also has a specific dress code asking them to dress in a casual but presentable way.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has a lovely white striped ceiling serving delicious creole and Cajun cuisine.

It also serves other seafood delights like turtle soup and pecan-crusted fish with excellent selections of martini.

Some of the most highly loved local dishes here are gumbo, turtle soup, shrimp, and grits.

They also serve delicious bread pudding as well as tasty smoked boudin stuffed quail. 

But overall, nothing can beat their delicious shrimp, Po Boy. 

They also have other delicious Po boy selections like Parade Route that is created that is an excellent remnant of the previous chef Tory McPhail, that is made with at least 20 crispy gulf shrimp.

The shrimp are deliciously given with sweet onions, housemaid Tasso and pickled okra mayo that goes nicely with their hot sauce and crispy potato chips.

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13. Guy’s Po Boys

Why it’s a must visit?

The Guy’s Po Boys is a restaurant that is worth checking out in New Orleans as it has a thoughtfully created menu.

It’s a pretty good and casual restaurant for those who are just in need of a tasty po-boy dish.

As it’s a great restaurant, it tends to have long line of queue, but every second is worth waiting here as the po boys here are out of the world.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant sticks to the Classics by preparing a fully dressed, nicely fried shrimp Po boy.

It has no frills or fancy approach to creating Po boys. Init simply makes them in the most delicious form.

They also have a fryer tender, which makes sure your dishes are as crispy as you want them to be.

Location and Contact

14. Avery’s on Tulane

Avery's on Tulane

Why it’s a must visit?

The Avery’s on Tulane restaurant is appreciated for its hospitality and great food that makes you enjoy simple little things in life and, thereby, is also one of the best family restaurants in New Orleans.

Even the pickiest eaters love trying various combinations at this restaurant, as all of them are equally delicious.

It’s a perfect place to enjoy different wines, drinks, and other seafood selections here, along with po boys.

Chef’s choice

Their buffalo shrimp Po boy is one of their signature dishes that will make any diehard purist fall in love with it.

They also have several unlikely different combinations of delicious dishes like roast beef and gulf oysters that make for a perfect combination. 

Also, try some bacon to elevate your dining experience with their delicious bloody Marys.

Location and Contact

15. Crabby Jack’s

Crabby Jack's

Why it’s a must visit?

The Crabby Jack’s restaurant is a charming diner that is big enough for two people to dine in while trying various delicious options in NOLA.

The generous questions at this restaurant are perfect for coming in a large group and trying several food combinations without ever getting tired.

It’s a sophisticated restaurant that makes sure you are able to get a fine dining experience.

Chef’s choice

Their boys come over stuff with delicious items, including red meat choices like bacon. 

Their slow-roasted duck sandwich comes ideally soaked in gravy and pairs nicely with their French roll that holds it all together.

They also have other signature po boys, including their best one, which is shrimp remoulade which is just beyond amazing.

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16. Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood is a famous diner situated in the French Quarter that has a vast menu but shares the same partnership as the uptown flagship.

It’s unlike any other restaurant in New Orleans as it offers eccentric combinations of sandwiches that make it quite a stand-out option.

Therefore, if you are new to the entire scene of po boys, and want to look for an alternative to killer po boys restaurant, then this one is the best match for it.

Chef’s choice

Like the other restaurant we mentioned above, they also have a peacemaker po boy that comes with a combination of oysters, fried girls shrimp with bacon and cheddar cheese along with fried onions, tomatoes, arugula, garlic aïoli, and root beer braised short ribs.

They also have another excellent rival for it, which is sandwiches like the fried chicken liver that comes with grilled coleslaw and mustard vinaigrette.

All of these appetites in crashing sandwiches will definitely give you a memorable meal that is more than you could ever ask for.

Location and Contact

17. Walker’s Southern-Style BBQ

Why it’s a must visit?

The Walker’s Southern Style BBQ restaurant is a crowd-favorite diner that has a single favorite dish that everybody in New Orleans love.

The local population of New Orleans highly adores this restaurant as it warrants excellent quality and service through its passionate goal. 

It is situated a bit outside of the central NOLA, but you definitely won’t regret taking a good car road trip to the area as it’s pretty worth looking forward to. 

Chef’s choice

One of the first items that always gets sold during the jazz fest is their cochon de lait po’boy, which is one of the most loved dishes here.

With a single bite, you will get to know why it is so delicious, as it comes filled with succulent pork pieces that are so mouth melting then it disappears in your mouth in a second.

They also have yummy BBQ aficionado that comes with generous portions of smoked meat and is worth every bite.

Location and Contact

Final Thoughts

To sum up, New Orleans is a great place to try the most exceptional varieties of sandwiches, unlike any other city in the US.

The po boys here are a globally famous dish that people from all over the world come to taste right in the heart of New Orleans.

It’s not just the specific Po boy who is famous here but also how it is made with several different forms of ingredients like meat, seafood, and other options that make it so unique.

It’s like how Italy is the most incredible place to try Italian food, Vietnamese food in Vietnam, and Chinese food in China. 

In the same way, po boys are unique to New Orleans and are a part of its distinguished cuisine culture.

Therefore if you ever end up coming here, make sure to check out some of the best Po Boy restaurants in New Orleans you can explore. 

Bon appétit!


What is a po boy in New Orleans?

Po Boy is a famous dish in New Orleans that comes with various delicious sandwiches like items like tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles with non-veg options like oysters, roasted beef, and fried shrimp. It always uses good quality bread, sandwiching mayonnaise, and sauce that is nicely stuffed with long pieces of French bread.

Why are they called Po-boys?

The reason why po boys are called po boys is because of a fascinating history during various hunger strikes that, people were fed these crispy bread dishes. As soon as somebody came to get a sandwich, people would say loudly that “Here comes another poor boy,” which is how it got its name.

Which city is famous for its po boys sandwiches?

As one might’ve guessed, New Orleans is famous for its Po boy sandwiches as they are the ambassadors of this cuisine recipe and serve so many diverse selections that it actually symbolizes it. There are limitless varieties available here, ranging from soft shell crabs to roast beef shrimp, catfish, and oysters.

What is special about po boys?

Po boys are special because they come with a crispy exterior and flaky interior and have a literal meaning signaling to the poor boy that has Louisiana origins. Also, the diverse varieties here, ranging from crabs to oysters, fish, shrimp, crawfish, and roast beef, make it a unique dish to try various flavors.

Are Po boys hot or cold?

Po boys are primarily hot, just like any other sandwich, and come with different fillings, be it seafood, chicken, or sausage, but can also be cold or hot depending on the servings of gravy or sauce as side options.

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