11 Best Sports Bar in New Orleans | 2024 (Top Eats!)

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Sports bar New Orleans

Welcome to the exciting world of sports bars in New Orleans! Whether you’re looking for a sports bar in New Orleans downtown to catch the big game or searching for sports bars near me open now, this list has got you covered.

From the bustling streets of NOLA, we bring you the best spots for sports lovers. These bars aren’t just about watching games; they’re about experiencing the heart and soul of the city.

From outdoor sports bars to black-owned sports bars in New Orleans, each place offers a unique flavor. Get ready to discover the top restaurants and most popular spots where locals and visitors alike gather for good times and great sports.

Best sports bars in New Orleans near me!

1. Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux – New Orleans

Why it is a must-visit

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux stands out as a warm and welcoming sports bar in the heart of the city. It’s not just a place to watch the game; it’s a home away from home where everyone becomes part of the family. This spot is perfect for those looking for a sports bar New Orleans downtown experience with a touch of Louisiana’s famous hospitality.

The atmosphere at Walk-On’s is all about comfort and fun. As soon as you step in, you’re greeted with a friendly vibe that makes you feel right at home. It’s a lively place, ideal for hanging out with friends or making new ones, and the perfect spot to catch a game.

What sets walk-ons apart is its food. With a menu boasting scratch-made dishes, including fresh seafood, tasty burgers, and salads, plus some 5-star Cajun/Creole specialties, it’s a culinary delight. Their extensive beer taps and cocktail offerings make sure there’s something for everyone. This place is not just a sports bar; it’s a top restaurant in the city.

For sports fans, Walk-On’s is a dream. It’s a place where the love of the game is always in the air, making it a must-eat place for anyone wanting to catch the action in a great environment.

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2. J&J’s Sports Lounge

Why it is a must-visit

J&J’s Sports Lounge is the quintessential neighborhood sports bar, where the atmosphere is as inviting as it is lively. This bar is perfect for those searching for cheap sports bars near me open now in the city, offering a friendly space to enjoy all kinds of sports action.

The vibe at J&J’s is casual and inclusive, making everyone feel welcome the moment they walk in. With numerous TVs and a giant projector screen, it’s the ideal spot for catching NFL and MLB games, as well as European soccer matches. The presence of a great pool table and jukebox adds to the fun, creating a perfect setting for a night out with friends.

J&J’s is also known for its great drinks selection, including 12 beers on draught and affordable options like $2.50 PBRs or High Life.

The bar’s opening hours, extending from early to late night, ensure that it’s always a good time to drop by. Plus, their cool courtyard adds to the charm, making it a popular and cool place to eat and hang out in the city.

Whether you’re a local sports fan or just visiting, J&J’s Sports Lounge offers a welcoming and enjoyable experience. It’s a great restaurant to experience the lively sports culture of New Orleans.

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3. Manning’s Sports Bar and Grill

Why it is a must-visit

Manning’s Sports Bar and Grill is a haven for sports enthusiasts in New Orleans, offering a front-row seat to all the epic sports action. This bar isn’t just about watching games; it’s an experience, with comfy seating options like bar stools and leather recliners.

It’s a sports bar New Orleans downtown favorite, known for its lively atmosphere and homage to the iconic Manning football family.

The ambiance at Manning’s is dynamic and engaging. Huge screens ensure you won’t miss a moment of the action, making it a great spot for big game days. The bar’s wide selection of frosty beers and an almost endless tap are sure to impress any beer lover.

The menu at Manning’s features delicious pub classics, including burgers, wings, and po’boys. It’s a place that combines great sports viewing with mouth-watering food, making it a top affordable restaurant in the area for sports fans and foodies alike.

For those looking for a sports bar with great food and a fantastic atmosphere, Manning’s Sports Bar and Grill is a must-visit spot in New Orleans.

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4. Mid-City Yacht Club

Why it is a must-visit

Mid City Yacht Club is a vibrant neighborhood sports bar with a welcoming outdoor patio, making it a great choice for those searching for outdoor sports bars in New Orleans. This bar is all about fun at fair prices, offering a relaxed and friendly environment that’s both dog and kid-friendly.

The atmosphere at Mid City Yacht Club is lively and inclusive. With 16 drafts on tap and TVs located everywhere, including outside, it’s perfect for sports fans. The bar’s fun vibe is complemented by various games like pool, darts, poker machines, and more, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

What sets Mid City Yacht Club apart is its community feel. Regular bartenders keep everyone, from new guests to locals, entertained and happy. The mix of people here truly represents the spirit of the city.

For those who love sports, great food, and a fun atmosphere, Mid City Yacht Club is an ideal spot. It’s a cool place to eat and hang out, offering a unique and enjoyable experience in the heart of the city.

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5. Finnegan’s Easy

Finnegan's Easy offers a huge beer selection and a fantastic food menu, making it a top choice for both locals and visitors

Why it is a must-visit

Finnegan’s Easy, known as the best Irish pub in the French Quarter, is a must-visit for anyone looking for a great time in the city. This pub offers a huge beer selection and a fantastic food menu, making it a top choice for both locals and visitors.

The vibe at Finnegan’s Easy is warm and welcoming. Open from noon till 3 am, it’s perfect for a long, leisurely visit or a late-night hangout. The fantastic crew here makes everyone feel like they belong, adding to the pub’s charm.

Finnegan’s Easy is not just a bar; it’s a place where good times and good food come together. Whether you’re there for a beer, a meal, or just to soak in the atmosphere, Finnegan’s Easy delivers a truly Irish experience in the heart of the city.

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6. Dave & Buster’s New Orleans

Why it is a must-visit

Dave & Buster’s in the city is a dynamic and fun-filled sports bar that takes the concept of winning to a whole new level. Located conveniently off Poydras Street near the Superdome Arena, it’s the perfect spot for those seeking an energetic and entertaining experience. This place is a blend of a sports bar and an arcade, making it a unique destination in New Orleans.

The atmosphere at Dave & Buster’s is all about excitement and enjoyment. With its virtual reality games, arcade fun, and absurdly large TV screens for game days, it’s a place where fun never ends. It’s perfect for a first date, a night out with coworkers, or just a fun day out.

What makes Dave & Buster’s stand out are its event spaces and packages, ideal for turning any ordinary day into a celebration. The bar’s dedicated staff ensures every visit is a memorable one. Whether you’re there for the games, the drinks, or the sports action, Dave & Buster’s promises a winning experience.

For those looking for a sports bar New Orleans rooftop experience, Dave & Buster’s offers a unique and exciting option. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking for fun and entertainment in the city.

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7. MRB Bar & Kitchen

Why it is a must-visit

MRB Bar & Kitchen is a charming little sports bar in the French Quarter of the city, known for its vast beer selection and specialty drinks. This bar, a favorite among locals, is a hidden gem that offers a cozy and exciting atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.

The ambiance at MRB is both intriguing and inviting, with two haunted courtyards adding to its uniqueness. The bar’s setup with ping pong, pool, 16 TVs, and a 20-foot projector screen makes it an excellent spot for night games and sports viewing.

MRB’s fantastic kitchen adds to the appeal, making it not just a place to watch games but also a great spot for dining. It’s a cool place to eat and relax, offering a unique sports bar experience in the heart of the city.

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8. Finn McCool’s Irish Pub

Why it is a must-visit

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub is a beloved sports bar in the city, known for its passionate support of football and a variety of other sports from around the world. This pub is a haven for sports fans, featuring an array of leagues and major tournaments, making it one of the top restaurants for sports viewing in the city.

The atmosphere at Finn McCool’s is vibrant and welcoming. Whether it’s the English Premier League, Rugby, NFL, NBA, or any other major sports event, you’ll find a supportive and enthusiastic crowd here. The pub’s commitment to showcasing a wide selection of international matches makes it a unique spot in New Orleans.

Finn McCool’s not only offers great sports viewing but also brings a sense of community and camaraderie. It’s a place where sports, passion, and a love for competition come together.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Finn McCool’s offers an authentic and enjoyable Irish pub experience along with fine dining. 

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9. The Bulldog, Uptown

Why it is a must-visit

Nestled in the city’ renowned Garden District, The Bulldog, Uptown stands proudly at the intersection of Magazine and Pleasant Streets. This gem, known for its dog-friendly outdoor setting, is a standout in the Magazine Street entertainment district.

Its patio, adorned with a distinctive beer-tap fountain and a large-screen TV, is a haven for dog lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. This spot is not just a bar; it’s a community hub where everyone, including your four-legged friends, is welcome.

The atmosphere here exudes a blend of casual charm and energetic buzz. It’s an ideal place for a laid-back afternoon or a lively evening out, especially for those seeking an outdoor sports bar in the city. The Bulldog’s patio offers a perfect setting for both relaxation and entertainment, making it a favorite among locals and tourists.

Beer aficionados will find themselves spoilt for choice with The Bulldog’s extensive selection of 48 fine draft beers, emphasizing craft and local brews.

Additionally, over 100 bottled beers and a full range of cocktails cater to all tastes. The bar’s award-winning pub fare complements the drinks, offering delicious options for a satisfying meal.

The Bulldog, Uptown, holds a special place as the original and nationally recognized location, solidifying its status as one of the top restaurants in New Orleans.

Its unique blend of friendly ambiance, excellent drink selection, and superb location make it a must-visit spot on any New Orleans trip. For those over 21, a visit here promises an authentic and enjoyable experience that embodies the spirit of the city.

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10. The Bulldog, Mid-City

Why it is a must-visit

Located in the vibrant heart of Mid-City, near City Park Ave., The Bulldog offers an oasis in the bustling city. Renowned for its dog-friendly patio set in a serene, tree-lined environment, this bar is a delightful retreat for locals and visitors.

Large-screen TVs dot the patio, ensuring that sports fans never miss a moment of action. The Bulldog, Mid-City, stands as a tranquil yet lively spot in the dynamic city scene.

The bar’s atmosphere is a harmonious blend of tranquility and excitement, making it an ideal location for a relaxing day out with friends or a pet. Its spacious patio, embraced by nature, offers a unique charm, setting it apart as a cool place to eat and unwind in the city.

Beer lovers will be in their element with The Bulldog’s selection of 50 fine draft beers, focusing on craft and local offerings, alongside a variety of bottled beers. The bar’s diverse range of cocktails and award-winning pub fare adds to the appeal, ensuring a complete dining experience.

With plenty of off-street parking on Canal Blvd, The Bulldog, Mid-City, is not only accessible but also a popular destination for those seeking a relaxed and enjoyable outing.

The combination of its serene setting, excellent beverage choices, and delightful food makes it a top-rated sports bar in New Orleans.

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11. Ryan’s Irish Pub Inc

Ryan's Irish Pub Inc is known for its wide selection of sixteen beers on tap

Why it is a must-visit

Ryan’s Irish Pub Inc., nestled in the heart of the French Quarter, is a quintessential Irish pub that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. This pub is known for its wide selection of sixteen beers on tap, alongside bottled beer options and a full bar. Its location in the historic French Quarter adds to its charm, making it a famous restaurant and bar in New Orleans.

The pub’s ambiance is cozy and traditional, reflecting the genuine Irish pub experience. It’s a place where sports enthusiasts can gather to enjoy various sports packages, including the NFL, NHL, and MLB, as well as soccer, golf, basketball, horse racing, and more. Ryan’s Irish Pub Inc. is a hub for sports fans, providing a lively setting to watch their favorite games and matches.

In addition to its extensive beer selection, the pub offers a welcoming environment for both locals and tourists. It’s a spot where friendly conversations and good times are always on the menu, making it one of the nicest places to eat in the city.

For those in search of an authentic Irish pub experience with a sports twist, Ryan’s Irish Pub Inc. is a must-visit destination. Its combination of great drinks, sports viewing, and a friendly atmosphere makes it a standout in the vibrant city bar scene.

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As we wrap up our journey through the best sports bars in New Orleans, it’s clear that the city has much to offer for sports enthusiasts and food lovers alike. From cool places to eat to fancy dining in options, these bars provide a diverse range of experiences.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening, a cheap night out, or a 5-star experience, New Orleans’ sports bars cater to all. Remember, these aren’t just places to eat in the city; they’re destinations where memories are made.

So next time you’re in the city, be sure to check out these must-eat places and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the best sports bars in NOLA.

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