13 Best Steakhouse Restaurants in New Orleans | 2024 (Top Eats!)

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The Best Steakhouse Restaurants in New Orleans

Taking a memorable trip to New Orleans in the Big Easy gives one the most memorable experience with a rich cultural and historical significance and its various nightclubs.

It is an exciting place with several unique places to eat that you will definitely come across.

No matter for what reason you’re coming here, you will indeed come to love New Orleans because of so many exceptional food options.

The city is known for its juicy steaks that can be found through several incredible steakhouses.

That’s why you should definitely try some steaks here.

But to help you save some time, we created this list of some of the best steakhouse restaurants in New Orleans.

Thankfully, New Orleans provides dishes in the form of traditional Cajun and Creole cuisine with everything that you can dream of.

As you might have no clue about where to eat delicious food, especially steaks, we have tried our best to let you know some of the best ones below.

So let’s check them out.

The Best Steakhouse Restaurants in New Orleans This Year

1. Charlie’s Steak House

Why it’s a must visit?

The Charlie’s Steak House is both operated and owned by the Petrossi family for more than three generations that are known for using signature generational recipes.

The restaurant is located in a white shabby place in New Orleans and is one of the best family restaurants for steaks that has plenty of delicious food and character.

It’s also a local joint where people are served food before they even order, as the chefs and the servers can predict what they might like.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides a unique experience as the menus here are generally not handed out like in other restaurants.

Therefore, it’s one of the cool places to eat steaks in New Orleans, as the menus are customized as per your choice.

As soon as one takes a seat here, one gets to select their own type of steak and also gets to learn how the entire dish got made.

Basically, no menu is needed here to enjoy an authentic Charlie’s experience with any type of steak that you want without even asking for a menu.

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2. Crescent City Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Crescent City Steakhouse it’s one of the best restaurants near me that local people love to visit and is a Favorites spot of many adventurous travelers since the year 1934.

It’s one of the oldest family-owned steakhouses in the entire state of Louisiana, which is why it’s a pretty reliable choice for steak enthusiasts. 

As soon as you walk into this restaurant, you will be showered with lots of love from the staff members and other patrons and will definitely be pampered to no bounds.

The restaurant is a perfect mixture of both upscale and casual for those who are looking for a place that can balance both these states.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves steaks the exact way how the residents of New Orleans love them, by sizzling them in melted butter.

Most of the food here is prepared with original recipes stretching back 85 years ago, which is why it is quite a nostalgic place that carries the cuisine culture of New Orleans.

The restaurant provides several cuts of steak like porterhouses, strip sirloin, and filets. 

People love the filet here that comes wrapped in bacon and goes nicely with their creole cream cheesecake as a dessert option.

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3. La Boca Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The La Boca Steakhouse is located in the New Orleans River friend and is known for its delicious Argentine steaks.

It’s one of the most famous restaurants in the city that offers various cuts of steak than other restaurants.

The restaurant makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in and is designed in a traditional steakhouse sense.

The restaurant has a beautiful accent with wooden chairs and tables to accentuate its image as a typical steakhouse.

The one thing that makes this restaurant different from others is that it has a casual atmosphere that a lot of steakhouses lack.

Chef’s choice

Before you head into their steak section, make sure to check out their wine list to complement your dishes.

The reason why you should order wine before is probably because it serves one of the best wines in New Orleans that are straight imported from Argentina.

As a starter option, go for their Provoleta, which is a grilled Argentina cheese that shouldn’t be missed.

They also have a delicious menu item called Vacio which is an imperial Wagyu beef that is probably one of the most divine culinary creations you will ever get to taste.

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4. Doris Metropolitan New Orleans

Why it’s a must visit?

The Doris Metropolitan New Orleans has only three restaurants located in the entire world; one is in Houston, another in Costa Rica, and one in New Orleans.

The restaurant theme is inspired by a famous butcher shop in Israel and carries the culture of Costa Rica.

It was opened in 2013 in New Orleans, right next to the gorgeous French Quarter, Neighboring Jackson Square Park.

Chef’s choice

Besides serving exceptional steaks, the restaurant also has several bread platters, which is one of the best ways to start your meal.

As for the steak section, you will find yourself challenged between so many delicious options that you can imagine.

The restaurant serves every kind of steak except Tomahawk.

People love the butcher’s cut here because it has received several positive reviews and is served alongside mushroom ragu.

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5. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Why it’s a must visit?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant is a chain restaurant that a lot of people tend to avoid because of its overwhelming image.

But this steakhouse is quite different from the others as it has been running since 1965 right in the heart of NOLA.

It’s one of the most famous restaurants and is situated inside the prominent Harrah’s Hotel in New Orleans.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has a constantly rotating menu and is the best place to start if you have no idea about steaks.

Since it regularly changes its menu, you get to taste an array of steak choices with several specialties.

But make sure to try a slice of their delicious chocolate sin cake.

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6. Galatoire’s 33

Why it’s a must visit?

The Galatoire’s 33 restaurant is situated on the renowned bourbon street in New Orleans and is one of the most famous restaurants in the United States.

The reason why it’s so famous is probably due to its incredible location on bourbon street, which is one of the most popular streets in the US.

It is undoubtedly one of the best places to celebrate special events and occasions with the people you love the most.

The restaurant is designed in a traditional steakhouse way with bright decor and beautiful chandeliers that bring out the elegance in it.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant is perfect for those who love trying various cocktails or a glass of wine with their meals.

But you can always rely on their server if you need clarification on so many options in the menu.

Every option here is truly impressive, with an extensive amount of options like their steak and appetizer choices.

Their duck and Andouille gumbo is divinely delicious with other entree options like their NY strip steaks or veal chops. 

They also have lots of optional garnishing options so that you can enjoy the seasonings too.

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7. Desi Vega’s Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Desi Vega’s Steakhouse restaurant serves delicious food near me and has a beautiful space with plenty of windows that allow the natural light to come in to brighten the entire place.

It is situated on St Charles Avenue in New Orleans and is run by the co-owner of Desi Vega’s and Mr. John’s.

The owners have done everything to make it a local staple location for steaks, to celebrate almost any form of occasion that you can imagine.

The restaurant has a pleasant space with white tablecloths, beautiful white walls, and light natural lighting that makes it eye-catching.

Chef’s choice

But the main appreciation goes for its delicious steaks, seafood, and lots of tasty side dishes.

Cowboy steak is one of their most highly loved dishes here.

They also serve seafood like the gulf fish of the day, which is one of their special meals.

People can even add blue cheese crust to the steak at cheap rates to make it more tasty.

But no matter what you go for, do not miss out on their Southern mac & cheese or yummy creamed spinach as your side option.

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8. Rib Room

Why it’s a must visit?

The Rib Room restaurant is a luxury restaurant situated inside a 5-star hotel in New Orleans.

This restaurant was made over ten years and has gotten the attention of many visitors and locals.

It was opened more than 60 years ago and has been visited by several influential personalities.

Some of the few mentions are Richard Nixon, Rolling Stones, and Louise Armstrong.

Because of such influential visitation to the Rib Room, it has become a fascinating place for epicurean adventures.

Chef’s choice

This unique diner is not just open for lunch and dinner but also for breakfast, making it convenient for many people.

People can begin having breakfast here with delicious bottomless mimosas and other special lunch items.

As breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, this restaurant tries to make it as much enjoyable as possible with one of its best options, which is its prime rib.

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9. Fogo de Chгo Brazilian Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Fogo de Chгo Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant is situated on the prominent Canal Street and is one of the renowned Brazilian steakhouses in New Orleans.

The restaurant shares its central location on bourbon street, right next to some of the famous spots in New Orleans, like the aquarium.

It’s a perfect place to grab a meal after exploring New Orleans and dining at night. 

The fine dining experience and experience at this restaurant, with both traditional and modern makings, renders it a comfortable spot for both upscale and casual dining. 

Chef’s choice

Plenty of delicious choices feature traditional Brazilian meats, seafood side dishes, and a lot more.

There is nothing better at this restaurant than their bacon-wrapped steak, which you definitely should not leave out without trying.

As for the side dish, we would recommend their caramelized bananas which are one of the best dishes you might have ever had.

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10. Steak Knife Restaurant

Steak Knife Restaurant New Orleans premier steakhouse destination

Why it’s a must visit?

The Steak Knife restaurant is the best NOLA steak house that is situated right across Harrison Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood, sharing the same space as the city park.

It’s a fabulous location near so many landmarks, making it a fantastic place to visit after exploring.

As it’s the center point of so many incredible places, this restaurant is frequently visited by travelers and has gained recognition among the global audience.

Make sure to check out this locally-owned and family-run dining establishment that has continued to excel for the past 40 years, as their services never disappoint. 

Chef’s choice

We would recommend that you start off with their delightful appetizers like garlic toast or escargot. 

After that, you can choose between their NY Street, rib-eye, fan-favorite – porterhouse, or mignon.

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11. Chophouse New Orleans

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chophouse New Orleans restaurant is located only seven minutes from canal street in New Orleans and is one of the top-rated restaurants for steaks. 

The restaurant intelligently makes use of its Big Easy location with an upscale atmosphere located next to some of the most popular neighborhoods.

This restaurant is an excellent choice for steak lovers with a gorgeous location and typical steakhouse decor with white tablecloths, mellow lighting, and dark features.

Chef’s choice

All the steak meat used at this restaurant is intricately aged for 28 days and then prepared in an excellent Pittsburgh style with a crispy covering. 

The restaurant is also one of the top ones because of its USDA prime-approved steak meats in the form of bone-in rib-eye, filet mignon, etc. 

If you’re coming to a NOLA, then you will love the Cajun cuisine here, even in the form of steaks like their Cajun-style Delmonico steak, which is a fan favorite.

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12. Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse restaurant is a part of the big food chain of the Brennan family and is situated in New Orleans.

The restaurant is fascinatingly located in the big easy and passionately serves its visitors and local people some of the best steaks in town.

It’s also one of the most famous restaurants because of its location in the French Quarter right next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It’s a perfect place to enjoy a fancy and classy meal after exploring the city and satiating your hunger.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant remains open the entire week for dinner service and serves limited options based on its fresh ingredients.

Even though the restaurant has several exceptional wines, it also has a special 12-year-old Irish whiskey flight which is a perfect way to start your meal.

It’s one of the great restaurants because it serves what the owner loves and also has a crowd-favorite USDA prime strip dish with creole seasoning.

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13. Mr. John’s Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

Mr. John’s Steakhouse is one of the must-eat places for steaks. 

The restaurant shares a historic location alongside St Charles Ave. Street in New Orleans.

The restaurant was opened in 2006 and has been passionately serving the highest quality of steak one can ever find in the city.

The unassuming atmosphere of the restaurant from the outside and the luxury interior from the inside, with the linen napkins, white tablecloths, and dim lighting, make it a perfect spot.

Chef’s choice

With one glance at the menu, you will get to take a look at some of the finest USDA prime beef options that you will definitely love.

This is a perfect place for two people, especially for dates, as one steak dinner can be quite filling with other appetizers like turtle soup.  

The restaurant serves traditional soup in the name of turtle soup, which feels delicious.

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Final Thoughts

New Orleans is not just a famous brunch epicurean destination but also an excellent place to try various steaks that are globally famous. 

The tons of juicy steak variety here, with impressive seasonings and overall aroma, makes dining at steakhouses here irresistible. 

That’s why the diverse places to eat here have made it a popular steak hotspot that provides flavorsome meat cuts.

The diners here range from casual to minimalist and luxurious, so you get to decide between many options. 

Therefore, we hope this article will be your savior if you are looking for some of the best steakhouse restaurants in New Orleans. 

Bon appetite!

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