21 Best Restaurants & Places in French Quarter | 2024 (Top Eats!)

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The Best Restaurants in the French Quarter

The famous French Quarter in New Orleans is also known as the Crescent City, renowned for being the most prominent tourist attraction.

Its Bourbon Street is globally famous and is lined with some of the best places to eat in the entire state.

With the plethora of fantastic cuisine options here, with more than 73 neighborhoods, the French Quarter is subsequently one of the best and the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.

It’s also considered a national historical landmark that people from all walks of life visit to enjoy several epicurean adventures here. 

Name any restaurant that you want, be it casual or elegant ones with white tablecloths; the French Quarter has almost anything while also offering you a splendid variety of creole and cajun cuisine.

With several culinary influences emerging from global regions, the French Quarter provides you with more than the standard cuisine by including European, Caribbean, Hispanic, and African cuisine.

Therefore if you’re looking for some of the best restaurants in the French Quarter, then you have come to the right place, as we have stated some of the nicest ones below.

Let’s check them out. 

The Best Restaurants in the French Quarter This Year

1. Olde Nola Cookery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Olde Nola Cookery is a casual and comfortable diner in French Quarter that provides incredible Creole and Cajun cuisine.

It is situated on historic Bourbon Street and therefore is one of the most famous restaurants in the French Quarter that is loved by both local people and tourists.

This restaurant is particularly famous for its beautiful balconies providing a splendid view of the French Quarter and is also perfect for private events.

It’s an all-day restaurant that is also perfect for dinners and for getting a late-night snack.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves a rich selection of creole and Cajun cuisine in delectable forms.

Some highlights include po boys, seafood gumbo, seafood platters, red beans, and rice.

It’s also a decent place for late-night snacking, as its small bite options here are pretty good.

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Restaurants & Places To Eat In New Orleans

2. Irene’s

Why it’s a must visit?

Irene’s restaurant is a historic diner in the French Quarter that is a perfect romantic date spot that features a piano bar with some of the most delectable eats.

The restaurant is a luxury Italian diner that has several signature dishes with servings of more than 70 labels of wines.

It’s a 5-star restaurant that offers the most impeccable pairings of food and drinks.

Chef’s choice

One of the most famous dishes here is their Duck Saint Phillips, as well as lots of their homemade desserts.

The winds here span over more than 70 labels from multiple regions of the world in the most prestigious form.

They also have a concentration of incredible Italian wines that pair exceptionally with their food and give one a dreamy experience.

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3. GW Fins

Why it’s a must visit?

The GW Fins restaurant was opened in 2001 and has received national praise for servings of creative dishes inside its unique atmosphere.

It’s one of the top-rated restaurants for seafood in the French Quarter that takes its interior inspiration from nature, depending on the season.

The menu here also keeps rotating daily according to the season, and you can expect to find various unique dishes here as you make an appearance. 

Thankfully, this restaurant also provides a premium parking service by taking care of your belongings in the most impressive manner.

Chef’s choice

As the restaurant exclusively specializes in seafood, it has an impressive fresh seafood variety in creative forms.

Their Atlantic bluefin tuna and southern flounder are the most delicious choices here.

They also have tasty lobster dumplings that make for a yummy appetizer option to start your meal with and are also a crowd favorite. 

Also, reservations are recommended here, so be sure to call ahead of time.

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4. Central Grocery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Central Grocery restaurant is known for its iconic dishes, its muffuletta being one of them.

The origin of the dish muffuletta stretches back to this restaurant, which is both a store and a diner.

The restaurant has been serving tasty muffs on Decatur Street since the year 1906. 

It is one of the oldest and top restaurants in the French Quarter that, always is a hit among the public of New Orleans. 

It is only some blocks away from the Riverwalk, so you can enjoy the beautiful views of the mighty Mississippi River and have a picture-perfect day strolling the park.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, especially sandwiches that are made with different forms of cheese like mortadella, salami, provolone, Swiss cheese, and ham. 

All of these items are given with their famous olive salad over a soft and big muffuletta loaf, which makes it a healthy alternative.

They offer perfect portion sizes that are ideal for outdoor picnics and can be enjoyed anywhere else as takeout.

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5. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mona Lisa is one of the best Nola restaurants that is gorgeously decorated in rustic fashion serving Italian cuisine.

It’s a tiny restaurant with a humble atmosphere that feels cozy and unique, with several images of famous paintings hanging from the walls.

The several colorful designs here of adults, kids, and even professional artists here give this restaurant an artistic vibe like an old-school restaurant. 

It is located around Royal Street, and it’s a hidden gem that has been operating for more than 40 years.

That’s why, if you’re looking for one of the cool places to eat Italian cuisine in New Orleans, then this one is the perfect option. 

Chef’s choice

The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine serving authentic dishes with staple options.

It serves a variety of pasta and pizzas here that are all authentic and carry the original Italian flavor in them.

As it’s been operating for several decades, the recipes here are passed down from generation to generation like a family heirloom.

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6. Oceana Seafood Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Oceana Seafood Grill restaurant is one of the most excellent seafood restaurants in New Orleans that serves sustainably sourced dishes.

It’s an impressive restaurant with a broad variety of ranges with several daily specials but limited reservations.

The restaurant follows a sustainable approach of only using locally sourced seafood to create its dishes.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves delectable options like steak tartare, gulf shrimp, salmon sushi, and oysters from a raw bar that serves all these dishes.

Other good light options include lamb skewers, hush puppies, crawfish croquettes, and small platters of catfish.

On the heavier side, one can try their hanger steak, Louisiana shrimp roll, or grilled tuna.

They also have delicious 22 ounces of ribeye and grilled fish as a whole.

They also have several delicious daily specials like Keylime pie with buttermilk Chantilly as dessert and grilled mahi-mahi with orzo as some fine options.

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7. Muriel’s Jackson Square

Why it’s a must visit?

Muriel’s Jackson Square restaurant sits right in the shadows of the renowned St. Louis Cathedral that offers a fine dining experience in the heart of the French Quarter.

This restaurant has a gorgeous balcony providing a panoramic view of Jackson Square and offers one of the best fine dining experiences in New Orleans.

It’s one of the great restaurants for people who like eating outdoors rather than indoors, but both of them are equally exceptional.

The restaurant has a haunted feel to it, and that’s why it is one of the cool places to eat in the French Quarter, as it embraces the resident ghost here.

The restaurant has a sort of paranormal vortex with several encounters here, which is why dining here feels electric and makes for a memorable experience.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant, besides its overall eccentric atmosphere, also has delectable food selections with some of the best drinks and spirits.

It makes for a perfect evening dinner with options like goat cheese crepes as starter options. 

Following that, one can try other sinfully delicious dishes like New Orleans classic shrimp and grits, pecan-crusted drums, and double-cut pork cups. 

It’s also a beautiful place to stroll around Jackson Square to enjoy a lovely little date in the middle of the French Quarter.

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8. Court of Two Sisters

Why it’s a must visit?

The Court of Two Sisters restaurant is an iconic jazz brunch restaurant that is perfect for weekends.

The restaurant offers a unique New Orleans dining experience and makes you pass through the charm gates to help you fill with luck and prosperity.

They also have a devil Wishing well and other unique places that are well connected with the spirit.

It’s a pretty unique restaurant for those who like jamming to live jazz music by watching the performances of talented local musicians in the French Quarter. 

It’s also next to the famous restaurant commanders palace and is one of the best family restaurants to enjoy a good evening dinner.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves delicious brunch all week in a buffet-style fashion which is why it’s perfect for coming in large groups. 

The restaurant provides delicious brunch and traditional breakfast dishes, including eggs, hash browns, and bacon.

One of the fan-favorite dishes here is the banana foster, which is finger-licking good. 

One can confidently say that this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans after the commander’s palace.

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9. Napoleon House

Why it’s a must visit?

The Napoleon House restaurant resides inside one of the most famous buildings in the French Quarter because of Napoleon Buonaparte.

This was once the home of Nicholas Girod, the mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, who gave up his home in 1821 when he was exiled.

It’s one of the top 10 restaurants in New Orleans, also a bar, and comes number one on the New Orleans bucket list.

It’s a beautiful restaurant with several luxury features of a sleek atmosphere and classical music playing in the background that adds a vintage touch to the diner.

Chef’s choice

As it’s a part bar, this restaurant serves one of the finest cocktails in New Orleans, the French Quarter, and some signature drinks as well.

One of the most famous drinks that you can try here is Pimm’s Cups with their muffulettas which is one of their most highlighted menu options.

The drink dates back to London for almost a hundred years and therefore is new to New Orleans as it comes with a cucumber garnish, lemonade, and 7 UP.

It’s a perfect cocktail for hot summer days to freshen yourself up.

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10. French Market

French Market

Why it’s a must visit?

The French Market restaurant is unlike any typical diner as it’s one of the oldest restaurants that was first started and 1791.

It was first founded as a Native American trading post and is one of the oldest markets in New Orleans and even the entire United States.

The market offers various shopping opportunities for people from all over the world with us no frills and fancy meals that are pretty memorable.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant, besides offering several shopping opportunities, also has incredible all-flavor meals that are hard to forget.

It’s one of the must-eat places in New Orleans if you enjoy beignets with their signature coffee or unique delights like chicory-infused café au lait.

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11. Coop’s Place

Coop's Place

Why it’s a must visit?

The Coop’s Place restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate special events like anniversaries and birthdays that are also going to break your wallet.

The food near me at this restaurant is just splendid and remains a perfect late-night spot on Decatur Street to try almost any imaginable dish.

It has a casual setting but makes for perfect late-night food options if you’re walking down Bourbon Street.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has everything ranging from fried chicken to jambalaya that you like.

They also have other options like sausage jambalaya, seafood gumbo, and rabbit, which are the specialties at this restaurant.

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12. Restaurant R’evolution

Why it’s a must visit?

The Restaurant R’evolution is an award-winning diner that is situated on the Royal Sonesta in the French Quarter and is a notable restaurant. 

The restaurant follows a strict dress code because of its overall luxury atmosphere to make you have the best quality time possible. 

Everything about this restaurant it’s just 5-star, as the diner carries an extravagant air with it.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant will allow you to feast on some of the most delectable dishes, including sea scallops, bolognese with house-made pasta, and black truffles.

Other dishes that carnivore loves is chops and steaks, like their special bone-in ribeye.

They also offer very specialty cocktails that are uniquely themed and seasonal with the freshest ingredients.

Location and Contact

13. Carousel Bar & Lounge

Why it’s a must visit?

The Carousel Bar and Lounge is a charming restaurant located inside the historic hotel Monteleone and is the only carousel in the city that allows you access if you’re 21. 

It’s a fun place to come with your friends and have a great day dining, as the carousel here keeps moving and takes about 15 minutes to make a full rotation so that you can get your hands on every dish. 

It’s one of the most iconic spots to grab a drink in the French Quarter with some of the finest food selections.

Also, the seating here is limited, with only 25 people at once, and that’s why it’s recommended that you book reservations here, especially to enjoy unique dining and live entertainment.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant also offers glorious small plate options with savory bites, including blue crab, oysters, Rockefeller, and Cochon quesadillas.  

If you want something on the sweeter side, then their beignets with praline sauce will tantalize your taste buds.

The restaurant also has a menu covering a wide range of specialty cocktails that provides one with a thoroughly delicious dining experience.

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14. Mr. B’s Bistro

Why it’s a must visit?

Mr. B’s Bistro has been a part of the culinary scene in the French Quarter since 1979 and is a joint restaurant of the many Brennan family restaurants.

The restaurant has won several awards for its signature dishes that will make you the customer for life.

Thankfully, this restaurant does not have a strict dress code, but we would appreciate it if you dress nicely and are quite pleasing to look at.

In order to keep up the elevated atmosphere of the restaurant, the diner makes sure that its crowd feels exceptional dining here while listening to jazz music and celebrating special events during weekends. 

But remember that despite this restaurant not strictly asking for reservations, it still appreciates booking one during weekends as it remains highly crowded. 

Chef’s choice

This restaurant will offer you the tastiest Gumbo ya ya that has won several awards for how delicious it is.

Other lovely options include andouille Gumbo, super dark roux, and spicy chicken.

It will definitely offer you one of the best dinners you might have ever had because of so many exceptional culinary creations, including their famous Worcestershire spike barbecue shrimp. 

On the sweeter side, their Creole bread pudding will definitely make your sweet tooth happy.

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15. Killer Po Boys

Why it’s a must visit?

The Killer Po Boys restaurant is the real deal when it comes to trying mouthwatering sandwiches with some of the most unique po boys in New Orleans. 

This restaurant near me is a perfect place to try various varieties of po boy with impressive seasoning and dressings that will leave you wanting more. 

It’s a perfect place to go if you like customizable options with your own preferred items.

Chef’s choice

They have several incredible non-veg options that any carnivore would love, like roast beef, French shrimp, and oyster po boys that are given on French bread and are the big three options here. 

People also love trying various fins here like jelly po boys, pork belly, chorizo, and pecan butter po boys. 

They also have several various healthy, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives like Thai BBQ tofu po boys, roasted sweet potato po boys, and other options.

This restaurant also has two different locations in which, one of which also has a bar serving specialty cocktails that go nicely with the meals. 

If you ask for the dressed po boys, then you will get the option to add your own mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato as per your choice.

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16. Cafe du Monde

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cafe du Monde is one of the nicest cafés to grab a snack and enjoy the tastiest beignets in town.

The restaurant is known for offering various classic pairings and beverages right across the street from Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

It is one of the great restaurants in the French Quarter, New Orleans, that also has another location in the city park.

Chef’s choice

As we said above, the cafe serves the tastiest beignets that come with powdered doughnut-like treats.

Washing it down with coffee is also super delectable, which gives one a toothsome and refreshing experience.

You can also go for drinks like juices here if you’re not in the mood for coffee.

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17. Paladar 511

Why it’s a must visit?

The Paladar 511 restaurant brings the flavors of California to French Quarter, New Orleans, inside its charming atmosphere.

It’s an excellent restaurant that serves delectable meals with a variety of Italian favorites.

Every dish is raved about here because of how meaty they are and tasty.

Chef’s choice

Some Italian crowd favorites include beef Carpaccio, homemade ravioli, and arancini with short rib rags.

Others, like yellowfin tuna Crudo with avocado and orange, are also pretty decent options.

People also relish enjoying the pizzas here that are made with basic cheese, whereas the tomato pies are also good sweet options.

They also have yummy buttered leaks and homemade lame sausages that are true local classics and are well made.

They also have well-prepared cocktails like Pimm’s Cup and Brandy Milk Punchand and also an impressive wine list with several European bottles, with French taking most of the menu.

Location and Contact

18. Justine Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Are you wondering where to eat a memorable feast while also enjoying a romantic date in the French Quarter? Then the Justine restaurant will offer you the best possible experience.

This restaurant is situated in French Quarter, New Orleans, and was opened in 2017 with a contemporary space.

It is a pretty trendy place for fine dining as the French-inspired meals here take the heart of a lot of people.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves such exceptional New Orleans creole cuisine that it has won a James Beard award.

The various French meal selections here, like chicken confit with a broad wine list, make one enjoy every bite here.

One will never be disappointed here with their modern take on French cuisine.

Location and Contact

19. Galatoire’s

Why it’s a must visit?

The Galatoire makes for a lovely fine dining experience and is an elegant dining establishment in New Orleans, French Quarter which a French immigrant founded first.

This diner is also one of the oldest restaurants in the French Quarter, New Orleans, which was first opened in 1905.

This restaurant follows a dress code of formalwear with jackets and ties and maintains its vintage charm with a dreamy atmosphere.

Chef’s choice

As a luxury restaurant, this diner serves classic but limited offerings in its vast dining private rooms.

It has every French delicacy you can ask for and also plays live music with a busting ambiance right while being situated across Bourbon Street.

Location and Contact

20. Arnaud’s

Why it’s a must visit?

Arnaud’s restaurant was founded in 1980 and has been praised for its delicious New Orleans plus French cuisine options.

It is situated on Bourbon Street in the famous French Quarter, New Orleans, and also holds regular brunches on Sundays with reservations.

It’s one of the excellent places in New Orleans and has two locations in which one can visit any of their two bars, as they are praised all across the city.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant offers yummy creole cuisine with live performances like Dixieland jazz.

It is known for its delightful French food choices as well as its various bar selections, like French 75 bar and Richelieu Bar, which are named after their signature cocktails.

Location and Contact

21. Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

Why it’s a must visit?

The Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 restaurant is a Polynesian eatery that has a lively and tiki-themed atmosphere, situated right across bourbon street in the French Quarter.

It’s an incredible location for people who just want to chill out being surrounded by an island-like theme in a casual way.

It’s also a perfect idea to come here in large groups and enjoy various spirited drinks with other yummy menu options.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is famous for its mixologist Jerry Berry’s favorite drinks, who is the Indiana Jones of tiki drinks.

His impressive techniques in creating the most flavorsome tropical concoctions have earned this restaurant a reputed image.

People also love enjoying their sticky ribs, tasty Asian-inspired chicken and waffles, as well as pork belly lo mein.

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Final Thoughts

French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans that is famous for its dashing image and palpable cuisine.

French Quarter has gained global influence over its exquisite cuisine, especially Creole cuisine, that inculcates every regional cuisine.

The fantastic places to eat here, as well as the carnival adventures, and being right next to New Orleans’s central area, makes it a fascinating place.

Therefore, it’s good to be knowledgeable about some of the best restaurants in the French Quarter so that you can have a memorable dining experience while visiting New Orleans. 

Bon appétit!

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