35 Best Restaurants & Places in New Orleans | 2024 (Top Eats!)

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The Best Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most exciting places that continue to blow people’s minds with its exceptional cuisine.

It is home to one of the most renowned chefs from all over the world who offer diverse cuisine options.

The gastronomic influence that New Orleans has now on the global scene is credited back to its exquisite Italian, Cajun, creole, and other fusion cuisine. 

The city has every kind of restaurant that you can imagine, be it century-old culinary institutions, luxury restaurants, or casual and relaxed restaurants.

The several incredible places to eat here make New Orleans undeniably one of the greatest food towns ever in the history of humanity.

The Best Restaurants in New Orleans This Year

1. Cafe du Monde

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cafe du Monde is one of the most excellent cafés to grab a snack and enjoy the tastiest beignets in town.

The restaurant is known for offering various traditional pairings and beverages right across the street from Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

It is one of the most famous restaurants in New Orleans that also has another location in the city park.

Chef’s choice

As we said above, the cafe serves the tastiest beignets that come with powdered doughnut-like treats.

Washing it down with coffee is also super delectable, which gives one a toothsome and refreshing experience.

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Restaurants & Places To Eat In french quarter

2. Juan’s Flying Burrito

Why it’s a must visit?

Juan’s Flying Burrito restaurant is one of the great restaurants in the French Quarter, New Orleans, that is located in the central business district.

It is a perfect place to have a fast delivery that is super reliable.

Every single menu item here is flavorsome and also serves food at cheap rates, which has made it a significant tourist attraction. 

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves small bite options with creative options like tacos, burritos, and nachos.

They also have several daily specials as well as drinks like margaritas as yummy options.

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3. Galatoire’s

Why it’s a must visit?

The Galatoire’s makes for a splendid fine dining experience and is a luxury dining establishment in New Orleans, French Quarter, a French immigrant first founded that.

This restaurant is also one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans, which was first started in 1905.

This restaurant also has a dress code of formalwear with jackets and ties and maintains its old charm with a fancy atmosphere.

Chef’s choice

As a 5-star restaurant, this diner serves traditional but limited offerings in its large dining private rooms.

It has every French dish you can ask for and also plays live music with an energetic ambiance right across Bourbon Street.

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4. Justine

Why it’s a must visit?

Are you speculating where to eat a memorable feast while also enjoying a romantic date in New Orleans? Then the Justine restaurant will offer you the best possible experience.

This restaurant is situated in New Orleans, French Quarter, and was opened in 2017 with a modern space.

It is a pretty trendy place for fine dining as the French-inspired meals here sway a lot of people.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves such exceptional New Orleans cuisine that it has won a James Beard award.

The various French food selections here, like chicken confit with an extensive wine list, make one enjoy every bite here.

You will never be disappointed here with their contemporary take on French cuisine.

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5. Commander’s Palace

Why it’s a must visit?

The Commander’s Palace restaurant is an unmatchable luxury restaurant in New Orleans that is also one of the most popular diners to ever exist. 

This restaurant became a garden district icon and a prominent New Orleans culinary institution for being one of the top-rated restaurants.

It was started in 1880 and since then has won several awards for its incredible service.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has a beautiful white stripe ceiling serving delicious creole and cajun cuisine.

Some of the most highly loved local dishes here are gumbo, turtle soup, shrimp, and grits.

This restaurant also has a specific dress code asking them to dress in a casual but presentable way.

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6. Arnaud’s

Why it’s a must visit?

Arnaud’s restaurant was started in 1980 and has been well-appreciated for its delicious New Orleans French cuisine options.

It is situated on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, New Orleans, and also holds brunches on Sundays only with reservations.

It’s one of the must-eat places in New Orleans, which one can visit any of their two bars, as they are highly praised all across the city.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant offers delicious creole cuisine and live performances like Dixieland jazz.

It is known for its exquisite French food choices as well as its various bars, like French 75 bar and Richelieu Bar, which are named after their signature cocktails.

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7. Atchafalaya

Why it’s a must visit?

The Atchafalaya is a contemporary restaurant and a hidden gem offering a fine dining experience to its visitors.

It is one of the top dining establishments in New Orleans that offers a relaxed and innovative atmosphere.

Unlike other luxury restaurants near me, this sophisticated diner offers a relaxed vibe so that one can eat in a casual way without having to worry about the dress code or anything else.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves creative options and is beloved by local people for its stunning brunch options.

The food near me at this restaurant, especially for Sunday brunches, includes Tuscan eggs and duck hash.

They also have plenty of rejuvenating drinks to keep you refreshed and energized.

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8. Shaya

Why it’s a must visit?

The Shaya restaurant is one of the top five restaurants in New Orleans that serves mind-blowing exotic Middle Eastern cuisine.

The restaurant is known for its exquisite Middle Eastern and Riley cuisine, which has won the prestigious James Beard Award for serving top-quality food.

It’s one of the cool places to eat that is highly enjoyed by the locals but be sure to make a reservation here. 

Chef’s choice

The menu variety here is dynamic and spectacular, like their bread which is homemade and comes with copious amounts of pita bread with a lot of shareable dips.

They also have tasty hummus that comes in several varieties, like their ragout hummus which is a mouth-melting dish.

They also have the Ikra and mushroom hummus with a serving of whipped cream cheese dip.

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9. Dooky Chase

Why it’s a must visit?

The Dooky Chase is a restaurant that never goes without being mentioned when one talks about some of the great restaurants in New Orleans. 

It’s a top-rated restaurant that has jaw-dropping menu options.

It is located inside a historic and famous Treme establishment and has been visited by influential people like George Bush and Barack Obama.

The chef Leah Chase here, was even inspired by the movie The Princess and the Frog, which is why it is such a huge culinary landmark in New Orleans.

Chef’s choice

The chef here is a famous community figure who has also played a lot of essential roles in civil rights history as well as being the right hand of Martin Luther King Jr.

The restaurant is particularly famous for its creole dishes like crawfish étouffée, gumbo, red beans, and rice.

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10. Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

Why it’s a must visit?

The Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 restaurant is a Polynesian diner that has a fun and tiki-themed atmosphere, located right across the bourbon street in the French Quarter.

It’s an ideal location for people who just want to chill out being surrounded by an island-like interior in a casual way.

It’s also a perfect place to come in large groups and enjoy various exciting drinks with other superb menu options.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is trendy for its mixologist Jerry Berry’s famous creations, who is the Indiana Jones of tiki drinks.

His impeccable techniques in creating the most flavorsome tropical concoctions have made this restaurant live up to its hype. 

People also love devouring their sticky ribs, Asian-inspired chicken and waffles, as well as pork belly lo mein.

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11. Brennan’s

Why it’s a must visit?

The Brennan’s restaurant is one of the best family restaurants in New Orleans that is known for its friendly hospitality for several decades.

Owen Brennan was the one who founded this restaurant in 1946, and it quickly became one of the biggest culinary hits in New Orleans.

It’s an elegant restaurant with memorable and eye-catching ornate chandeliers offering a casual dining space to dine in a comfortable manner.

Chef’s choice

One of the most famous dishes that you can try here is turtle soup, creole cuisine, and banana foster.

Other favorites include some delicious small plates and cocktails in the roost bar, which is just exceptional.

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12. Cafe Reconcile

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cafe Reconcile restaurant is a unique dining establishment in New Orleans that has earned several patrons for its delicious dining scene.

The restaurant provides culinary training to young people from underserved communities so that they can get real-life exposure to creating delicious culinary delicacies.

It’s a nonprofit organization that remains open only on weekdays.

Chef’s choice

Besides offering a very educational approach to culinary creations, this restaurant also has some good food options.

Those food options include southern staples like collard greens and fried catfish.

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13. Verti Marte

Verti Marte

Why it’s a must visit?

The Verti Marte restaurant is another diner situated in French Quarter and is a ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant that one will only hear about from the insiders. 

It’s a unique restaurant that offers good food choices at cheap rates and is situated on Royal Street, which is one block away from bourbon street. 

It remains open all day and is one of the favorite local restaurants.

Chef’s choice

Over the years, several local people in New Orleans have said that their sandwiches are one of the best in the entire state.

It offers the most affordable options like Po boys and sandwiches with other options too.

Among the many favorite sandwiches, one the most highly popular is their olive tapenade sandwich which is just great.

They also serve delectable roast beef options that are to die for.

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14. Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits

Why it’s a must visit?

If you were a huge fan of drinks? Then the Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits restaurant will probably be one of the finest dining spots you will ever find in New Orleans.

It’s an exceptional restaurant that is clearly a Bywater establishment serving otherworldly drinks and dishes.

It’s a pretty exciting restaurant for anyone looking forward to a fun atmosphere with a large outdoor courtyard playing live music.

It has an artsy indoor bar area with a rustic atmosphere and offers a classy night dining experience that wouldn’t be heavy on your wallet.

Chef’s choice

The bartenders here are highly professional and offer the best suggestions, including drinks like orange wine from Georgia, which is divine.

They also offer charcuterie and patatas bravas which are exotic food choices. 

This restaurant is going to impress anyone because of so many exquisite choices and wide range.

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15. The Country Club

Why is it a must-visit?

The Country Club restaurant is beautifully nestled in the Bywater neighborhood, known for its fun location and superb facilities like a saltwater pool that you can access with their daily pass. 

It is notoriously famous for its accommodating nature by being LGBTQ-friendly and having to drag brunch every weekend. 

Overall, it’s a hit place for anyone looking for inclusivity and great food.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant has drawn a lot of the public for its diversity both in terms of acceptance and menu options.

The brunch options here include some local delights like fried chicken and waffles, Bouldin bullets, and crab meat beignets.

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16. Bratz Y’All

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bratz Y’All restaurant is a fantastic German restaurant with a beautiful little beer Garden located in the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans.

It’s an exceptional restaurant with predominantly open ears seating and limited indoor dining space.

People love how generous this restaurant is in its offspring of menu options, which makes it a worthwhile choice for anybody.

Chef’s choice

Their schnitzel is a phenomenal choice for anyone looking for a German specialty.

They also have sauerkraut which is also delicious and has heavy caraway seeds. 

All of the dishes here come in generous portions, which can also be taken as leftovers.

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17. Meril

Why it’s a must visit?

The Meril is an exceptional new American restaurant that offers casual outposts and is named after Emeril Lagasse’s daughter.

The restaurant serves locally sourced new American dishes and is a perfect birthday restaurant to celebrate with full zest. 

The local people here love this restaurant as it consistently offers mouthwatering delights with affordable options right across the street.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves a wide variety of culinary ranges and influences, including Southern Creole cuisine and Mediterranean and Asian delights. 

They also have several large plates and shareable small plate options.

If it’s your birthday, then the diner will provide you with a sparkler and cotton candy so that you can rave about your birthday experience to others. 

It’s basically one gem of a restaurant as it not only offers a diverse, delicious range but also is pretty reasonably priced.

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18. Peche

Why it’s a must visit?

The Peche restaurant is a diner that you will talk about in various years ahead, as dining here is truly an unforgettable experience. 

This fantastic restaurant has a colorful ambiance with a laid-back, rustic, and lively atmosphere and is also pretty spacious.

The menu here is also seasonal, and because of such an impressively broad range and service, it has also won a James Beard award.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is highly renowned for its rotating menu that is in season, including seafood dishes like oysters.

Other flavorsome delights here include veggies and steak, which also makes for a fascinating choice. 

Almost every menu option here is excellent, but we would recommend that you go for their specialization, which is seafood dishes.

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19. Bearcat Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bearcat Cafe is another popular cafe that offers the tastiest brunch in the entire of New Orleans and has become a famous foodie destination.

It has two locations, one which is in the central business district and another in uptown New Orleans.

The restaurant is very inclusive of all kinds of dietary needs and is a perfect place to visit during the weekend to have fun. 

Not to mention that this restaurant is also pretty good to visit during weekdays only if you arrive here doing the mornings.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves delicious platters like ‘good cat,’ which are healthier options, as well as ‘bad cat,’ which are more like indulgent fast food options.

Some personal favorites include their vegan Ranchero with an egg which is a protein-packed dish.

The restaurant also caters to all forms of dietary requirements, like having gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

It also serves a variety of drinks like specialty coffee and homemade juices.

It’s a perfect brunch or morning restaurant for anyone who likes devouring and replenishing dishes.

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20. Cochon

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cochon restaurant is a go-to restaurant when coming with your friends or coworkers, as it provides a perfect mix of fine and local dining with delicious meals.

It’s an incredible restaurant that is perfect for picky eaters, as it has been given a James Beard award for being one of the best places to eat in New Orleans.

It’s the most excellent choice to come in large groups and enjoy several flavorsome varieties.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant will take your breath away with its simple cuts of fish and meat that will make you want more.

It is also famous for its pork as it is added to one of its specialties named cochon de lait, which is a Cajun dish made with pulled pork which basically means suckling pig.

A lot of positive reviews have also come for its delicious short rib dishes as well as catfish.

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21. Cochon Butcher

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cochon Butcher restaurant is where quality meets quantity at reasonable prices with home-cured meats.

It’s a perfect restaurant to grab quick bites and has several local favorites with a menu that you will never be disappointed in.

It has a very relaxed counter service and is located right across the street from the Morial convention center and the famous World War II Museum.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides tasty local dishes like their muffuletta sandwich or even alternatives like andouille sausage.

Also, their extensive craft beer options will not disappoint you, as they are all exceptional in taste.

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22. St. James Cheese Company

Why it’s a must visit?

The St. James Cheese Company served incredible food near me with mouthwatering sandwiches that were made with home-cured meats.

The impressive delicacies available here leave one in awe of how delicious they are.

Its location in the Warehouse district gives it a coffee-like vibe, as they also have a cheese counter.

It also neighbors several hotels nearby, so tourists can quickly come to this place if they ever crave delicious sandwiches.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides delicious sandwiches made with home-cured meats and cheese.

They also have a delicious Gruyere sandwich made with bacon, where the toast feels highly crispy and the cheese gooey. 

As they also have a cheese counter, you can try a variety of cheese with any preferred coffee to elevate your dining experience.

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23. Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant celebrated its 20th anniversary in the year 2020 and is part of Donald Link’s culinary empire.

This restaurant is located on the north side of the warehouse district.

It is one of the top New Orleans restaurants that is highly regarded for its fantastic menu.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides various food influences like Italian, southern, and French that are reflected in its dishes.

Some delicious ones include guanciale with homemade spaghetti, which is basically an Italian cured meat that is made of pork cheek.

Also, complement it with their fried, poached farm eggs to make it juicier.

Other delicious options are their crispy goat with lentils, the duck leg confit with dirty rice, and lamb with mushroom lasagna.

They also have delicious desserts like chocolate mousse, which is divine.

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24. Willa Jean

Why it’s a must visit?

The Willa Jean restaurant was started in 2015 by chef Kelly Fields, who was born in South Carolina and brought the flavors of her town to the heart of New Orleans. 

The restaurant has a very bright and airy atmosphere and specializes in all varieties, be it brunch, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It’s one of the best restaurants in NOLA that offers a casual yet fun dining experience.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant in the year 2019 won the James Beard Award for having the most outstanding pastry chef.

It’s the number one spot to try delicious BBQ shrimp on sourdough with their tasty burrata.

They serve enticing chocolate chip cookies with sea salt as dessert options and also offer it in different flavors like their Valrhona chocolate.

If you eat their cookies with a glass of their delicious vanilla milk or with a cup of refreshing coffee, then you will definitely gain a memorable experience.

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25. Compere Lapin

Why it’s a must visit?

The Compere Lapin restaurant has a beautiful exposed black brick interior with mosaic tile floors and black gliders that provide an industrial yet heartwarming look.

It’s a welcoming restaurant situated on the ground floor at the Hotel and Chandlery in New Orleans.

Since its opening in the year 2015, the restaurant chef Nina Compton has been producing the most impressive Caribbean cuisine in New Orleans.

Because of such impressive luxury varieties, she won a James Beard award for being the best chef.

Also, it’s a crowd-favorite restaurant that people love visiting again and again.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant specializes in Caribbean cuisine with some of the most delicious options.

Some Caribbean highlights include curried goat, conch croquettes, jerk chicken, and crispy snapper collars with fermented Chilis. 

The desserts here are on the lighter side and are super refreshing, like their soursop semifreddo with coconut.

Location and Contact

26. La Petite Grocery

Why it’s a must visit?

The La Petite Grocery restaurant is located inside an old building dating back over 100 years and is owned by the chef Justin Devillier who is also a James Beard awardee. 

The restaurant has a vintage atmosphere and is one of the most favorite dining places in all of New Orleans.

It delivers almost every tantalizing dish that you can imagine and has small table seating right next to huge windows.

Chef’s choice

They have lunch and dinner menus which are pretty similar, with several signature dishes as well.

For example, their signature blue crab beignets are just an unreal dish as it comes with a crispy crust and tasty warm crab filling on the lighter side.

By adding some lemon juice on them or malt vinegar aïoli, the dish becomes an exquisite delight.

Another dish that you can try here is their alligator bolognese tagliatelle, which comes with boiled egg and Sherry, which makes for a perfect classic option.

They also serve other specials like smoked pork shank, roasted lamb T-bones, gulf shrimp and grits, and paneled rabbit with spaetzle as some entrée options.

End your day on a fantastic note by trying that delicious Ponchatoula strawberry tart with their chocolate chess pie and smooth pecans for lunch.

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27. The Elysian Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Elysian bar is also a café situated in Hotel Peter and Paul in the famous posh area Marigny, east of the French Quarter.

It’s one of the most well-renowned boutique hotels and a 5-star Michelin-star resort that has been named to be one of the best by the travel and leisure magazine. 

The hotel was refurbished from a formal school and has a150 years church near it that has now been renovated to serve as an event space. 

They have beautiful parlor rooms with gorgeous fireplaces and classic European furniture.

It’s a perfect place to hold big occasions like weddings or birthdays, as the historic feel of this restaurant makes celebrating anything here quite eventful.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has been known for serving award-winning Bacchanal spirits and wines with impressive selections.

Some of the biggest highlights here are Rosemary chocolate tart, pink Panther gin cocktail, and roasted gulf shrimp with Calabrian chili butter.

Other highly praised dishes are grilled pompano, chicken liver toast, eggs in purgatory, and a French rolled omelet with smoked salmon.

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28. Toup’s Eatery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Toup’s Eatery has been following a family tradition for more than 300 years by preparing the most spectacular Cajun cuisine through the hands of a genius chef Isaac Toups.  

The chef here uses generational recipes and began working on this restaurant with his wife Amanda since the year 2012.

It’s a great place for carnivores to visit as it offers splendid brunch, dinner, and lunch courses right in the heart of New Orleans.

It has been a three times James Beard Award semifinalist and is renowned for the same.

Therefore if you’re wondering where to eat the most delicious meat in New Orleans, then this is the restaurant that perfectly fits your desires.

Chef’s choice

The menu choices here are as excellent as their description, like their chef’s lunch special that comes with various delicious items.

Those items include Toup’s Wagyu beef burger with cheddar cheese and bacon, boudin balls, and a side dish of potato chips with a beer. 

They also have mouthwatering large platters like double sliced pork chops slathered with cane syrup gastric, mustard-crusted rack of elk, and lamb neck with fall squash risotto.

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29. Bywater American Bistro

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bywater American Bistro embodies the idea of an American neighborhood diner by providing one of the tastiest Staples in New Orleans.

It’s a fabulous restaurant that is only 7 miles away from the east side of the French Quarter.

The title of the restaurant itself identifies with her Bywater neighborhood.

The restaurant has a beautiful rustic interior with wooden support beams, an open kitchen, tall ceilings, and brick walls.

Chef’s choice

It’s an affordable option for those who are on a tight budget but want to try delicious seasonal delicacies that are ingredient-driven and inspired by local farmers.

They have a seasonal one-page dinner menu with several tasty dishes.

Start with their delicious Tete de Moine and ricotta tart with arugula salad and hazelnut honey.

After that, go for their pan-roasted gel fish with confit cherry tomatoes and white beans.

People also enjoy their pork belly with Brussels sprouts and their tasty coconut Tres leches cake with a serving of coffee as dessert.

Location and Contact

30. Tava Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Chef Manish Patel opened the Tava restaurant in the central business district of New Orleans.

It’s one of the great Indian restaurants that was started in 2022 and quickly became a safe haven for Indian cuisine.

It’s a place where one gets to taste authentic Indian flavors, be it for a big meal or a casual quick bite that will definitely meet up to your standards.

The several memorable meals here will definitely make you a fan of innovative Indian food and will get you excited.

Chef’s choice

People love enjoying the dosa here, which is one of their specialties and comes with a dip that makes the chewy and crispy dosa much tastier.

The dosa here comes in several forms with different fillings like garbanzo bean curry, masala potatoes, or lamb vindaloo.

They also serve delicious cups of coconut chutney and lentil soup to make it more juicier.

People can also go for other preferences like chicken sandwiches, wings, or garlic slaw that come with yummy Kashmiri chili and lots of chutney.

Other wholesome cocktail options here include their curry mule, which is a mix between spicy ginger beer, and Curry leaves, as well as their tamarind and Pomegranate.

Location and Contact

31. Dian Xin

Why it’s a must visit?

The Dian Xin restaurant is a Chinese dinner that was started in 2019 in the historic French Quarter, New Orleans.

The restaurant serves dishes with passionate enthusiasm and is one of the best Creole food providers in all of New Orleans.

The restaurant’s name directly translates to din sum, which is one of its signature dishes.

The intimidating yet sleek atmosphere of the restaurant makes for an incredibly romantic date or business lunch spot.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves chewy Hong Kong-style dumplings with a delicate flavor filled with crawfish and crab meat and other items like kale, pork, and chicken.

It’s one of their tastiest menu options that comes with a fiery chili sauce that elevates the flavor of the dish.

Other impressive dishes here include pepper chicken wings, salt, walnut shrimp, and jibing, which is a type of Chinese-style crepe.

All of these dishes are local favorites and adored by visitors.

Location and Contact

32. Paladar 11

Why it’s a must visit?

The Paladar 11 restaurant brings the flavors of California to New Orleans inside its charming atmosphere.

It’s an incredible restaurant that serves flavorsome dishes with a variety of Italian favorites.

Every dish is in rave because of how meaty they are and delightful.

Chef’s choice

Some Italian favorites include beef Carpaccio, homemade ravioli, and arancini with short rib rags.

Others, like yellowfin tuna Crudo with avocado and orange, are also pretty good.

People also love enjoying the pizzas here that are made with basic cheese, whereas the tomato pies are also good sweet options. 

They also have incredible buttered leaks and homemade lame sausages that are true local classics and are well made.

They also have nicely prepared cocktails like Pimm’s Cup and Brandy Milk Punchand and also an impressive wine list with several European bottles, with French taking most of the menu.

Location and Contact

33. Molly’s Rise and Shine

Why it’s a must visit?

Molly’s Rise and Shine it’s one of the most famous breakfast spots in New Orleans that is known for its creativity in creating delectable dishes.

This restaurant has a bright, colorful atmosphere with gorgeous murals with a penchant for creativity and neighbors a thrift store that makes it pretty convenient.

They also have a playful menu with several unique options that will brighten up your morning with so many delicious offerings.

Chef’s choice

People love relishing their sweet potato burrito here, as well as their zesty roasted carrot yogurt and whirled peas on toast.

They also have traditional options like bagels, deviled eggs tostada, and glam slam McMuffin. 

Sadly this restaurant does not have a liquor license, so you have to bring your own drinks, but you can always go for their alternatives like Bloody Marys, fresh OJs, coffee, and homemade sodas.

Location and Contact

34. Margot’s

Why it’s a must visit?

Even though pizza is one of the most popular dishes ever to exist on the global scene, Margot’s restaurant still manages to stand out as a spectacular pizza spot in New Orleans. 

The restaurant is situated on Frenchman Street and is a neighborhood joint that serves fascinating pizza varieties with tons of pizza options. 

All of the dishes here are freshly served and are straight taken out of the oven and delivered in a sizzling manner.

The owner of this restaurant is Brad Goocher, who spent more than five years completely renovating the place by giving it a cocktail background.

It’s an incredible place to have a pleasant evening at a beautiful neighborhood spot while enjoying the panoramic skyline views.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant specializes in pizza varieties and offers eight different kinds of pizza options that are all prepared at 850° in a wood-fired fashion.

The restaurant also provides delicious side menu options, including two salads which are both delicious.

The classics here range from Italian sausage to margarita and pepperoni, with other special ones like Cavoletti with shaved Brussels sprouts and ricotta.

It also has a zucchini, one with sliced zucchini, and a creamy horseradish lime Crema.

Their tasty pies come straight out of the oven with blistering sourdough that feels crispy and chewy.

Additional toppings are also available here, including farm eggs and boquerones, which are white anchovies and capers. 

The restaurant also confidently impresses people with its outstanding drink selections that give one a fine dining experience.

Location and Contact

35. Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse restaurant neighbors various prominent restaurants and has been operating for several years.

It’s one of the nicest places to eat in New Orleans that has been recognized on a national level.

It has also won a James Beard award for offering one of the tastiest American classic steak options from the southern region.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant was shown on the Travel Channel and the Food Network for serving America’s best fried chicken.

It’s an excellent place to enjoy steak and fried chicken, as no other restaurant is better than this one.

You can go for their three-piece fried chicken or a massive three-piece fried chicken that will definitely satisfy you beyond means.

People also love relishing its rice and red beans, which are mostly eaten on Mondays.

Other flavorsome options include their biscuits and french fries.

Location and Contact

36. Oceana Seafood Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Oceana Seafood Grill restaurant is one of the most excellent seafood restaurants in New Orleans that serves sustainably sourced dishes. 

It’s an impressive restaurant with a broad variety of ranges with several daily specials but limited reservations.

The restaurant follows a sustainable approach of only using locally sourced seafood to create its dishes.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves delectable options like steak tartare, gulf shrimp, salmon sushi, and oysters from a raw bar that serves all these dishes. 

Other good light options include lamb skewers, hush puppies, crawfish croquettes, and small platters of catfish.

On the heavier side, one can try their hanger steak, Louisiana shrimp roll, or grilled tuna.

They also have delicious 22 ounces of ribeye and grilled fish as a whole.

They also have several delicious daily specials like Keylime pie with buttermilk Chantilly as dessert and grilled mahi-mahi with orzo as some fine options.

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Final Thoughts

Besides its beautiful carnival image, New Orleans also has an exceptional food scene that it is globally famous for.

People from all around the world come to New Orleans to enjoy diverse culinary selections here by tasting the entire world in one city.

The reason why New Orleans gives people the taste of different worlds is because of so many cultural and culinary influences coming from France, Spain, China, America, Africa, and other states.

That’s why New Orleans is on the top of the bucket list of every enthusiastic foodie explorer, as this place has one of the best places to eat.

Therefore, if you are a traveler here or even a resident and are looking for some decent dining establishments, then we hope that this list of the best restaurants in New Orleans will help you find the ones that are suitable to your tastes. 

Happy exploring and bon appétit!


What is the most famous food in New Orleans?

New Orleans has lots of incredible dishes, but one of the most famous ones here is a traditional rice dish that is popularly known as jambalaya.

What food is a must-have in New Orleans?

The foods that a person should definitely try in New Orleans are its oysters, jambalaya, and po boys, which it is highly famous for.

Is New Orleans a foodie city?

Yes, New Orleans is a foodie city as it has tons of outstanding diverse food selections through various reputed dining establishments.

Why is New Orleans food still good?

The several mixing of cultural influences with flavorful and bold ingredients, with the focus primarily on local and fresh items, makes New Orleans a fantastic cuisine provider.

What is New Orleans’s food style called?

New Orleans-style food is basically known as creole cuisine as it is a fusion of several influences, including the New Orleans region, Spanish, west African, native American, and French.

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